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>> Clark,
>> I was taking a look at the Generic discovery API and I have one comment
>> about the "discoveryEnabled()" function.
>> Near the function you write "class variable". So do you expect discovery to
>> be enabled/disabled equally for all applications (i.e. at a UA level)?
> I see this as one level of user control, but not the only level. I would suggest:
> * User can control discovery from any address outside the local network
> * User can control discovery of a particular "device" (e.g. an IP address)
> * User can control discovery of a particular service
> * User can control discovery of services from a particular control point (could be "app" per your example) on the local network (white list/black list)
> * User can control discovery of services from a particular user (e.g. control point with authentication credentials)
Agree. I think is worth capturing this concept in your document; at this 
level a simple comment near the method (or some text inside the 
proposal) should be enough


> There may be others, but this is a start.
>> I think would be better to keep this point open; in fact, also related to the
>> security discussion, another solution could be to enable discovery on a per
>> application base (so only trusted apps would be allowed to do
>> discovery)
>> What do you think?
>> /g
>> On Fri, 15 Apr 2011 00:10:05 +0200, Clarke Stevens
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>>> I have posted a new document for implementation alternatives. The
>>> purpose of the document is to provide example use cases and various
>>> ways to implement the use cases. This is NOT intended as the
>>> comprehensive use case list. It is meant to provide a few key use
>>> cases that illustrate fundamental architectural examples and how they
>>> would be implemented under various architectural models.
>>> My hope is that this will drive discussion and point out the relative
>>> strengths and weaknesses of different approaches in order to guide us
>>> to a good solution.
>>> You can find the document with a couple of initial examples here:
>>> You can also get to it from the "Open Discussions" link on the main
>>> HNTF page.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Clarke
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