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On 15/4/11 23:00 , Clarke Stevens wrote:
> I have a question about this approach. You have a createService() 
> action under HNControl. Is the intention to create a service within a 
> web page that could be discovered?
JCD: Yes.

> I can see how this might be used for a rendering service, but it 
> doesn't seem to make sense for something like a content directory 
> service (due to security issues with local files, transient nature of 
> a web page, browser client acting as server, etc.). I'm not sure I'm 
> interpreting this correctly, so could you clarify?
JCD: Yes indeed, a content directory service may be difficult to 
implement using this feature because of the local file access restrictions.
"transient nature of a web page" is actually an asset in some use cases.
The use case for this is my UC5, copied here for convenience:
/UC5: a document spawning other documents on other devices and 
communicating with them: e.g. the HbbTV set receives and renders a 
document implementing some voting; the document discovers multiple 
phones in the home, proposes to activate voting interfaces on each of 
the viewers' phones, communicates with the voting interfaces, collates 
votes and sends them back to the channel's voting service.
/The main document exposes a service allowing spawned documents to 
communicate the actual votes back to the TV channel. As soon as the 
voting period is over, the main document is shut down (stops being 
signalled in the DVB AIT in HbbTV).
You can imagine other similar uses: play along in a TV game, betting... 
All of these are very "temporary".

We may have to create a system of trusted document to allow the 
implementation of content directory service. Java applets could thus be 
"installed" or be declared "trusted" and thus bypass the local file 
access ban: something like that may be needed.
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