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> On Wed, 2011-04-13 at 15:08 +0200, Jean-Claude Dufourd wrote:
>> On 12/4/11 17:17 , Dave Raggett wrote:
>>> Forwarding at Francois's suggestion.
>>> (see also the W3C blog entry).
>> JCD: Thank you for the information. This triggers many questions.
>> - in your list of discovery technologies, why no UPnP ?
> The discovery protocol for UPnP *is* SSDP, which is covered. It uses a
> combination of a multicast search probe, unicast responses, and
> multicast notifications.
> [...]

DVB uses UPnP as defined by DLNA. Device discovery is using UPnP DCP and CDS advertisements. Overview is here:

Unfortunately the DLNA specs are not available for free, so I can't provide any. *Very* terse info on discovery here:


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