Re: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Home Network Technologies

Hi Oliver,

> The attempt of creating a new home networking effort would not only be  
> boiling the ocean again (your server / renderer approach below is rehash  
> of DLNA 1.0, quite outdated indeed), but even more concerning, I do not  
> see why you would leave aside an ecosystem of 440 million DLNA devices.

I'm not very familiar with DLNA 1.0 - as I only have seen more recent  
versions. Could you describe in more detail where you think the  
similarities are? If DLNA underwent a radical architectural change (moving  
away from the approach I described to what it has now), it could be  
informative to know if there were particular reasons for it.

In the possible scenario I described, many of those existing DLNA devices  
would be still involved. Content discovery and streaming of the media  
would be left up to the server/renderer to handle for itself. Therefore,  
such devices might well use existing technologies such as UPnP/DLNA to do  
this, in order to not leave aside that existing ecosystem of devices that  
can serve content.

I would see home networking API as providing a more abstracted control  
layer; and devices using existing technologies, as described, to carry out  
the requests made.



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