Re: [W3C Web and TV IG] Adaptive streaming MPEG DASH liaison

Dear Mark,

On 2011-04-02, at 19:16 , Mark Watson wrote:

>>> [...]
>>> Is there a patent pool planned for DASH ?
>> I don't know. That should be part of the information that MPEG provides in response to our inquiry on DASH.
> As I understand it's too soon to say. It's reasonable for companies to wait until the final stages of the process to declare IPR (when they know exactly what will be in the final spec), although in this case there are calls for early declarations.

So let's see what the MPEG colleagues will have to say.

> MPEG does not establish patent pools.

Nor does any other SDO.

> There are private companies which establish pools, such as Via Licensing and MPEG-LA, and one of these might choose to establish a pool for DASH,

Typically SDOs will issue a call to their members to declare whether anyone holds essential IPR for a specification. This will make the patent holders known to each other and to the other SDO members (transparency). In the case of DVB for instance, DVB's terms then oblige the IPR holders to sit together and create a single patent pool for the spec in question (one-stop-shop). Typically this results in the IPR holders delegating to Via Licensing or MPEG-LA as you said. Don't know about MPEG's terms though.

> although as I have argued before it seems very unlikely to me that there is a business there.

Should we delegate this decision to the IPR holders (if any) maybe. ;-) Just my two cents...



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