Re: [W3C Web and TV IG] Adaptive streaming MPEG DASH liaison

Dear Steve,

On 02 Apr, 2011,at 02:18 PM, Steve Lhomme <> wrote:

Is there a patent pool planned for DASH ?

I don't know. That should be part of the information that MPEG provides in response to our inquiry on DASH.

What would be the point of spending money on that if the technology is going to be offered free or charge in the end anyway ?

To keep things organised and to have a "safe harbour" for patent holders and licencees alike. Even if it's free of charge, the patent holders keep an overview of the deployment of their tech, because you are still signing a licence agreement (although it doesn't involve any payments). If things change dramatically in the future, the licensors will know whom to contact to negotiate amendments to the licence terms.



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