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> Dear all,
> I just joined the list, so let me shortly introduce myself: my name is  
> Heiko and I'm working as project manager at the Fraunhofer Institut  
> FOKUS, where we are researching and developing cross-device and cross-OS  
> applications.
> We are thus especially interested in technologies and standards to  
> bridge the gap between application development for TV sets, classic  
> workstations, and mobile computing devices.

Hmm. Sounds a lot like Opera. Except we're not named after anyone famous :)

> What do you think about including a task similar to the following:
> "Exploration of technologies to discover and access device specific  
> resources and services to enable the development of applications that  
> can run on devices stemming from the TV as well as the Web domain."

I am not sure that I am parsing it correctly. I think you mean:

Look at device-capability detection. Use this information to match  
available services to a given device.

Am I on the right page here? (Or reading the right book?)



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