DRM discussion in HTML5

Hi folks,

a bit of real work, to give an example of what I think this group can do.

if you are interested in somehow ensuring HTML5 video can support DRM (or
in making sure it doesn't), you might want to look at
http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=10902 (a bug raised against
HTML5 asking for it to make DRM possible).

Personally I strongly doubt that any DRM system yet implemented is good
enough for direct inclusion in HTML. However, there is a big gap between
that and "DRM should just go away" (which is of course one extreme of the
range of positions being taken).

In particular, to establish that something is important in the HTML
working group you generally need to provide clear use cases and
requirements. Generally this is separate from choosing a particular
solution - and use cases or requirements that are written to bias a
decision towards a particular solution will often be contested.

My suggestion to those who think DRM is an important requirement for HTML5
video (it is just that - the HTML working group allows any participant the
freedom to proceed as they wish) is to describe some clear cases where
HTML5 will not be used without the ability to use some sort of DRM, but
would be used if that were possible. The more concrete the better - where
possible naming real world sites, companies and so on is a more convincing
argument than describing abstract principles.

It is of course possible to discuss the issue exclusively on this list,
but that won't be enough to actually change HTML5, so some discussion
would ahve to take place there if DRM really is a requirement.

(And be aware that the openness of the HTML5 group makes some people think
it is OK to use extremely undiplomatic language from time to time).



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