Re: [web-adv] February 1 agenda

On 2022-02-04 10:40, James Rosewell wrote:
> One consequence of work to reduce data sharing between different 
> internet domains, such as Privacy Sandbox or GPC, is to significantly 
> increase the value of directly identifiable personal data such as email 
> addresses and telephone numbers.

I am very reluctantly stepping in here as editor of the GPC 
specification to correct this piece of disinformation. While everyone 
can make honest mistakes, when someone speaks confidently and 
assertively in public, it is tempting to assume that they at least 
understand the topic well enough to get the more elementary facts right. 
That is not the case here.

GPC does not "reduce data sharing between different internet domains." 
Where enforceable, GPC only impinges upon the right of service providers 
to reuse data independently of a business or person. Crucially, GPC 
applies in the exact same way to personal data shared using cookie IDs, 
email addresses, phone numbers, or whatever else one may cook up.

Please note that I am only providing a fact check on the GPC part of 
that email, and not implying by omission that its non-GPC parts are in 
any way more truthful.

Robin Berjon
VP Data Governance
The New York Times Company

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