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Draft TPAC vF2F schedule with topics

From: Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 11:00:54 -0400
To: "public-web-adv@w3.org" <public-web-adv@w3.org>
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Hi Web Advertising BG,

I've aimed to assemble the topics that have been proposed into a draft
agenda for our virtual F2F Oct 21-22. I'm aware it will be difficult to
fit even this much into our scheduled 8 hours (with breaks), and I'm
interested in feedback.


Names in brackets are those who proposed a topic or anticipated
contributors (incomplete).

Draft Agenda
Day 1
1: Backgrounders: demystifying advertising [Magnite] and economics of
identity [Garrett]
2: State of the art on MPC [Facebook]
3: Privacy and Optimization [Aram]
4: Trust tokens [Google]
5: Browser and media modes [Wendell]

Day 2
1: Measurement: Reporting APIs, WebView, cross-site and cross-device
measurement [Criteo, Facebook, Apple, Google]
2: Identity layer and addressability proposals (WebID, isLoggedIn,
TradeDesk 2.0, and LiveRamp Identity Link) [@@]
3: Gatekeeper: browser/server tradeoffs, certification [Magnite, Criteo]
4: First and third party contexts [Kris?]
5: Wrap up [Chair, all]

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