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Technology: Techniques Gateway 
Techniques Category: minimize-error 
Submitter's Name: Yvette Hoitink 
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<technique id="UNKNOWN">
<short-name>Send a confirmation to the user </short-name>
 <guideline idref="" />
 <success-criterion idref="UNKNOWN" />


<p>Make it easy for users to correct mistakes</p>

Advisory/optional technique

If a legal transaction or data modification as the result of a form submission is reversible, inform the user of the legal transaction or data modification by e-mail and explain the process of cancelling the transaction or modification. 

Sending an e-mail will give the user the opportunity to read and check the details or ask for assistance if necessary. 


 <affects group="UNKNOWN" />








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Received on Sunday, 16 October 2005 16:15:59 UTC