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The WCAG2-Issuces call tomorrow (11:00 Boston, EST) will open with conversation on Reflow.
Reflow is current under discussion with the WCAG2ICT task force, and especially since we are having other guests, I am taking the liberty to invite those AG WG colleagues.

  *   WCAG 2.x backlog | Calendar<>
  *   Reflow scratchpad - Google Docs<>

From: Bruce Bailey
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2024 12:04 PM
To: WCAG2 Backlog <>
Subject: RE: Agenda

My notes from Friday’s call follow.

Attendance (14):  Alastair Campbell, Bruce Bailey, Dan Bjorge, David Cox, Duff Johnson, Francis Storr, Giacomo Petri, Gundula Niemann, Lori Oakley, Marco Sabidussi, Mike Gower, Patrick Lauke, Scott O’Hara.

We are in the second week of our two-week cycle, so back to our standing agenda<> while under AG WG REVIEW - WCAG 2 proposed changes (due by February 26)<>.

Main agenda item for next call (1 March) is to continue (and hopefully wrap up) our conversation around Reflow.  Scott has invited colleagues, so the call will start with that.

There was feedback on titles and subtitles used on the project board<>.  The “For discussion” status and column is for items with feedback from AG WG that needs discussion.  Column was moved to the right of “Sent for WG approval” and the placement should make things a little more intuitive.

TF members are encouraged to volunteer (and assign themselves) for “to do” items and change status to “In progress”.  Once you are satisfied with the issue, change status to Drafted for review on a Friday call.  For feedback during the week, please be encouraged to use GitHub notifications or the TF listserv<>.

As always, volunteers outside of the TF are very much appreciated.  One needs to be in AG WG to see the project board, but the github repo is public facing, including issues<> and discussions<>.

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items:
     *   Update/correct 3.3.1 understanding by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #1803<> now ready for merge
     *   2.5.3 - control with label but no accname (understanding note + new failure technique) by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #2057<> WG feedback discussed, but status remains as For discussion
     *   1.4.11 Non-text Contrast understanding: expand explanation for Figure 10 by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #2681<> now ready for merge
     *   Update input-purposes for syntax highlighting by fstrr · Pull Request #3380<> now ready for merge
        *   Consensus on call is for used of dfn element to be opened as a separate issue
        *   Status set to Errata for CFC
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items:
     *   Moved back to In progress, with more work to do:
        *   F78 and F55 can be added to 2.4.11 · Issue #2474<>
        *   3.3.2 Typos Related to indicating Required Fields · Issue #3553<>
     *   Moved to Ready for approval, as general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved:
        *   WCAG 2.2 errata for "used in an unusual or restricted way" definition · Issue #3487<>
        *   Update base.xslt by mbgower · Pull Request #3708<>
           *   Closes Fix typo in email address in the "Help improve this page" panel · Issue #3684<>
        *   correct WCAG 2.1 -> WCAG 2.2 · Issue #3585<>
           *   Closes Update general understanding documents by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3588<>
     *   Left in Drafted, as discussion was not concluded:
        *   The target spacing (minimum) Understanding document has room for improvements · Issue #3473<>
        *   Improve readability of Understanding 2.5.8 - target size minimum text by MrFirthy · Pull Request #3699<>
           *   Closes The target spacing (minimum) Understanding document has room for improvements · Issue #3473<>
        *   Chore: update .html files for xslt/xml processing by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3572<>
        *   Change unnecessarily gendered language to singular they where possible by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3680<>
        *   SC 3.2.6: Consistent Help - Normative area - "If a web page contains" leaves out many of the cases encountered · Issue #3683<>
           *   Also noted that this should be added to list of gaps in WCAG2.
Thank you all for your work!

From: Michael Gower <<>>
Sent: Friday, February 23, 2024 10:29 AM
To: WCAG2 Backlog <<>>
Subject: Agenda

It is just our standing agenda for today’s meeting. We will be focusing on resolving feedback from the current set before the WG,  then queuing up the next round from Drafted. Discussion on Reflow from last week will continue on March 1.

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items (30 min), either:
     *   move back to In progress, with more work to do
     *   move to Ready for approval, if there is general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved
     *   leave in Drafted, if discussion was not concluded satisfactorily
  3.  Review ‘To do’.
  4.  Time permitting, items of interest to participants, including open discussions.

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