RE: W3C Manual Of Style

Francis, thank you!

I have added a link to the style guide from the bottom of our wiki home page<>.

I am pleased to see we have the flexibility to use lowercase web (when as part of a phrase), and that website can be the single word.  I was not expecting either of those!

From: Storr, Francis <>
Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2024 1:35 PM
Subject: W3C Manual Of Style

Hi, all

We’ve been updating content recently to correct the casing of Web, website, etc. In a recent call, we also mentioned the lack of a style guide. However! I’ve discovered that the W3C has a Manual Of Style and it’s still being updated. The Commonly Misspelled Words section contains all the Web-related guides, although it’s perhaps not helpful to allow uppercase and lowercase the word “web”!


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