Suggestion for issues color and variations in presentation of text related issues.

Issue 665 suggests modifying 1.3.2 to also allow the information to be 
programmatically determined. I actually think this is reasonable, covers 
what we want, and allows for future expansion.   Although, we would have 
to be careful to word it clearly and make the HTM document very explicit. 

I am making a fairly controversial proposal to combine 1.3.2 and 1.3.4 at 
level 1. 

<proposal for  1.3.2>
Information that is conveyed by variations in presentation of text is also 
conveyed in text, or the information can be programmatically determined. 

we would have to update the variations in presentation of text definition 
to include color.

Sufficient techniques would be:
Situation A: If the variations in presentation of text  of particular 
words is used to indicate information.
G14: Ensuring that color encoded information is also available in text 
G122: Including a text cue whenever color cues are used 
G117: Using text to convey information that is conveyed by variations in 
presentation of text 
Marking emphasized or special text USING technology-specific techniques to 
convey the same information as the emphasize or special text (for a 
technology in your baseline) 

Situation B: If color is used within an image to convey information.
1.      G111: Using color and pattern (for example, colors on bar/pie 
charts with lines or texture fills) 
2.      G14: Ensuring that color encoded information is also available in 

HTML Techniques for Marking Text
H49: Using semantic markup to mark emphasized or special text 

We would need to add an additional failure, Failure due to conveying 
information via text color alone. The failure would be a form that has the 
instructions, "Required fields are labeled with red text". With the 
explanation that even though a user agent or assistive technology can 
programmatically determine that text label for a field is in a particular 
color, this SC requires that the user be able to obtain the information 
about the field - that it is required. 

I think we can add "programmatically determined" to this SC as long as we 
emphasize that the INFORMATION is programmatically determined NOT the 
variation in presentation of text.   It does elevate 1.3.4 which did allow 
just the variation to be programmatically determined.  I'm not sure why we 
would want to allow that anyway - I know we discussed it but how is making 
something bold any better than marking it in color?  It just helps color 
blind folks but doesn't help the blind.  The sufficient techniques all 
require that the information is available or use techniques from 1.3.1 
which is already at level 1. 

Feel free to shoot this proposal down if you remember more about the 
discussions than I do.  I was just trying to make a proposal that would 
make us think and perhaps move beyond the road blocks we keep encountering 
for 1.3.2 and 1.3.4.  I think this proposed rewording does accomplish what 
we want.  Currently 1.3.4 is at level 2 but the sufficient techniques 
already require that the information can be determined not just the 
variations in presentation of text. 
This proposal would negate the resolution to issue 559 but would address 
558 and 665.

food for thought,

Becky Gibson
Web Accessibility Architect
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