Team assignments for next week and Outside help "on call" for task force

1) Team Assignments for Next Week


With the upcoming Marathon edit session - questions came up as to what the
individual teams should be working on.


We would like to suggest the following


Take your next assigned guidelines and

1)       Go to each technique and fill in any info or notes  you have.
Don't worry about getting form, format or words correct.  Just get your
ideas down for description, examples, and tests.   Even if you just put the
idea down like "example of search button with image on it" , it would be

2)       Go through all of the C1 issues for the guideline.  You might need
to be clever in your search since techniques don't necessarily list the
guideline. But if you search all C1 issues for anything that has a key
phrase in the technique.  Or look at the mapping from sc to techniques that
is at 

a.        For each issue see if you can summarize the essence and propose a
solution if you can.

Once done with that guideline - go on to your next assigned one. 


That will give the drafting group as much raw material as possible when the
run through.   AND make them most aware of success criteria that might have
a problem so they can avoid problem or just skip that one. 


NOTE: DUE DATE:  these must be done by Wednesday Midnight.




2)  Outside help "on call"  while the task force is meeting


Some people have asked what they could do to help while the editing session
is ongoing.   We don't know that answer yet.  We have some ideas but don't
want to promise that anything will work right now.  Also need to be very
careful about process.  For now then, if you can't make the trip but want to
help, please send a note to the chairs with your name and the times you can
be available to work during the Thursday through Sunday period.   Also note
any areas that you think you might be helpful with. 


We will then see what we might be able to do to make use of these external
resources during the marathon.   Either to prep things before we get to them
or to tackle things that are more complicated and we don't want to slow down
to work on them til the end of the session or because we need answers to a
specific question.  



Received on Friday, 13 January 2006 21:13:14 UTC