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I can attempt #4..

Tim Boland NIST

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>In the Team C teleconference today we winnowed down the list of techniques 
>for Guideline 2.2. Given that we only need to produce a minimum of one 
>sufficient technique for each success criterion, there are six techniques 
>we need to produce. Below are listed the first sufficient technique in 
>each of the success criterion. I would like to ask each member of the team 
>to volunteer to take one of them. Please reply to the list so we don't get 
>duplicates. If I don't get volunteers soon, I'll make assignments. :)
>a script on page that warns the user and allows the user to extend time or 
>turn off the timeout. (see 
>content blinks for less than three seconds (see 
>the content to be paused and restarted from where it was stopped. (see 
>an activity so that timing is not an essential part of the activity. (see 
>a mechanism to postpone any updating of content (See 
>users submit data when the user is no longer authenticated, the data is 
>saved and the data is reused after the user re-authenticates. (see 
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