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Hi Sofia - I'd say this is more of an example and/or test file than a
technique, but it's in the right direction. All it needs is prose
written about what you did, why it works, etc. and we've got a

I guess structurally I'd ask if what we need is a script technique or a
general technique. I think we need a general technique, which should be
pretty simple ("make sure content doesn't blink more than three seconds"
is about it). The script technique certainly says a lot more about how
you might go about it. 

However, perhaps it can be combined into a single technique. The example
you provided could be an "example" of the general technique, but then
there would be less technology-specific instruction about how the
particular example works.


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I've written a Javascript-based technique for SC 2.2.2 (Ensuring content
blinks for less than three seconds) and wanted some feedback before
attempting to put it into the wiki.
See attached file.


(See attached file: Javascript_blink_example.htm)

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