Issue 986 - Device Independence?

I think that perhaps the specific "reasons to be more concrete about 
keyboard access" might
need to be mentioned in the response to issue 986.

Also, perhaps there should be an action out of Issue 986 to develop a 
proposal for a Level 2 SC which addresses device independence?   The 
proposal mentioned in WCAG Bugzilla [1] mentions "device independent event 
handlers", but "event handlers" are  currently mentioned as a "technique" 
for addressing SC2.1.1 in the "Understanding WCAG2.0 Document" 
[2].   Furthermore, there is a W3C Device Independence Activity [3], which 
has publications and an expressed relationship with WAI.   Would we want to 
point to the existing W3C Device Independence work in response to this 
issue?  Would a "beginning" proposal for L2 SC for 2.1 be ("All 
functionality of the content is operable in support of device 
independence"), and  then link the term "device independence" to any Device 
Independence requirements from [3].

In short, perhaps instead of saying "Close with no action", we should 
mention the specific reasons for keyboard at Level 1 in the response and 
include an action to develop a L2 SC relating to device 
independence?  Would such a L2 SC be in this version of WCAG or a future 

What do you think?

Thanks and best wishes
Tim Boland NIST


>986. prefer 1.0 approach: "device-independence" is more strict
>This questions the move from "device independence" to "keyboard access".
>There are reasons to be more concrete about keyboard access, but there
>is a proposal to include the more generic device independence at Level
>Proposal: CLOSE with no action. I think this might draw concern but do
>not have a proposal to make that I think would draw less concern.

Received on Monday, 9 January 2006 15:39:41 UTC