Team C Teleconference 09 January 2006

>From the people who responded to the scheduling call, it looks like the
proposed time for Team C to meet will work. Team C will meet on 09
January at 23:00 UTC:

18:00 Monday North America East
15:00 Monday North America West
08:00 Tuesday Japan
10:00 Tuesday Australia East

Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 92243 ("WCAGC")
IRC: irc:// channel #wcag-teamc

We have the bridge for two hours and may need it this week.


* Resolve issues for Guideline 2.1 <> 
* Review techniques for Guideline 2.1
* Issues for Guideline 2.2 <> (I'll try to do an
issue summary before-hand, or if someone else wants to volunteer that
would be great)
* Review techniques for Guideline 2.2 <> and
assign actions to create empty ones


Received on Friday, 6 January 2006 19:00:38 UTC