call summary - 24 February 2003

Mark Hakkinen
Doyle Saylor
Bill LaPlant
Sean Stapleford - tecaccess
Wendy Chisholm
Al Gilman (cameo)

We discussed the draft intro for the call for presenters [1]
specific edits:
s/knowledge workers/people
+knowledge management into groups
+accessibility research
s/communities are/communities include
concern that the last paragraph only seeks research that fits use cases. 
might be limiting.

in discussing a nod to future technologies, the grid was mentioned and the 
possibility of a use case.  Al Gilman joined briefly to discuss the grid 
and his vision for our first event.  For him, one of the key problems to 
discuss is going back and forth between asynch and synch 
collaboration.  e.g., while working asynch, people who are blind have 
issues using the information but those who are deaf are working fine.  when 
comes to synchronous (i.e., phone), the people who are blind are able to 
contribute but those who are deaf have difficulty. He outlined the demo at 
supercomputing conference.

While this first session might be a bit conservative in its scope, we 
reaffirmed that since it is our first session we wanted to focus on 
tackling the logistics and thus this scope is more practical.  We are 
likely to be more aggressive in the next session (and include Al earlier in 
the planning process :).

Mark will submit a draft of the call (in its entirety) to the group later 
today.  If there is good discussion on the list, we will not have a call on 
Friday.  If there is not good discussion on the list, we will have a call 
on Friday to make sure the draft has been reviewed and has support.

We will not meet next Monday due to the Technical Plenary.



wendy a chisholm
world wide web consortium
web accessibility initiative

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