DRAFT Introduction for Collaboration Call for Presenters

Here is my first draft of an introduction for the Call for Presenters.
Comments, please!



Call for Position Papers on Document Collaboration


The web is bringing together inviduals and enabling them to collaborate in
new and innovative ways. Today, diverse communities of knowledge workers can
come together in virtual spaces for meetings and working sessions. This is
particularly important today, as travel to face to face meetings can be
difficult for budgetary or security reasons.

Examples of such communities are standards development, engineering,
software/content development, scientific research, government/international
rules and regulations, and education.  Diverse, international groups
currently use a variety of tools, such as instant messaging, IRC, shared
desktops, and teleconferencing for real time interaction, as well as email,
mailing lists, weblogs and proprietary format documents for asynchronous

Collaboration, for example, on a design specification, is usually
accomplished by using several of the aforementioned technologies, with
little real integration between the different tools.  Participants in the
collaboration may not all have equal access in the process, for reasons of
disability, bandwidth, firewalls, language, etc.

Promising research is underway around the world, exploring innovative
technologies and user interfaces for collaboration. We are seeking
presentations from the research community (academia, industry, government)
on state of the art work in document collaboration. In particular, we are
looking for research which can address requirements expressed in the
following use cases.

@@ insert use case 1

@@ insert use case 2 ...

Your position paper should describe your research and indicate whether it
can address some aspect of the scenarios presented in the use cases above.
If you are uncertain as to how your work can meet specific use case
requirements, it is acceptable to pose this as a question in your position

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