Re: HTTP Vocabulary in RDF

Hi Philippe

Philippe Le Hegaret schrieb:

> - The HTTP response definition in section 2.2 is missing http:version.

I didn't think of this, but it may be possible that the request HTTP 
version is different from the response HTTP version. So we could add the 
version property to the list of response properties and to example 2.1.

And then the line

   <rdfs:domain rdf:resource="&http-ns;Request"/>

has to be removed from the RDF schema in Appendix A.1 because of 

   Where a property P has more than one rdfs:domain property, then the
   resources denoted by subjects of triples with predicate P are
   instances of all the classes stated by the rdfs:domain properties.

> - Example 2.2 is missing a http:responseCode.

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