HTTP Vocabulary in RDF

Looking at the HTTP vocabulary [1], and using one in the WSDL test suite
[2], I can see some questions with handling log files that contains
requests using this vocabulary. Our use case is that we have a log file
that contains a set of message exchanges, we then run XPath assertions
against it to evaluate the results [3].
- how do you correlate requests and responses? At first, I thought
document order was the answer but since document order isn't significant
in RDF, I don't know if you considered this.
- We store XML in the message body when we deal with SOAP messages, but
that doesn't seem to be allowed by http:body.
- The HTTP response definition in section 2.2 is missing http:version.
- Example 2.2 is missing a http:responseCode.



Received on Monday, 18 December 2006 20:41:25 UTC