Re: [ACTION] represenation of simple and more complicated HTTP conversation in RDF

Carlos Iglesias schrieb:
> I don't know exactly what, but I think something is missing.
> Let's say we have:
> <earl:Assertion rdf:ID="#assertion">
>   <earl:assertedBy rdf:resource="#assertor" />
>   <earl:subject rdf:resource="#subject" />
>   <earl:test rdf:resource="#testcase" />
>   <earl:result rdf:resource="#result" />
> </earl:Assertion>
> For example in the case of an assertion about a content with transparent
> content negotation, what WebContent should you use as Subject of the
> Assertion?
> Wc1? Wc2? A RDF container with both?

Probably you performed the evaluation on wc2 because it contain actual 
content. So the subject would be wc2. If OTOH you did an evaluation on 
wc1, the subject would be wc1.

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Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2006 17:09:29 UTC