Re: WCAG formalization (rewriting WCAG HTML techniques as automatable rules)

Bcc to ERT group for information.

Hi Vicente, this is interesting work. I think that you have misinterpreted  
some of the WCAG - for example "No abbreviation or acronym should be  
defined more than once" is not what the relevant checkpoint means.

Unfortunately (from my perspective) the WCAG group has not been very open  
to helping clarify how the WCAG should be interpreted. I hope that this  
will change somewhat, as work like yours starts to make it important.

You should consider announcing it to the Evaluation and Repair Tools  
working group.

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On Sat, 28 May 2005 15:54:50 +0200, Vicente Luque Centeno <>  

> In order to have better WCAG rules for automated tools, I recently
> published [1]. They are just a set of XPath/XQuery based expressions that
> rewrite WCAG in a more automatable and less fuzzy way...

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   Here's one we prepared earlier:

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