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On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:41:12 +0200, Nils Ulltveit-Moe <>  

> A question in this case, is if the tool should have the possibility to
> report a fourth value in this case (I.e. "#DontKnow") or if this should
> be indicated with the tool returning "#ManualInspectionNeeded" or
> nothing, indicating implicitly by returning nothing for this test case?
> This would typically have to be done if the confidence value is not
> used.

This is exactly what Hera does (and presumably other tools).

In our new semi-automated version we get some more interesting results.  
For example, the tool will do a number of tests for WCAG 1 checkpoint 1.1.  
If they are not definitive (which can only arise if the results are all  
notApplicable, since it doesn't even try to examine the actual text  
alternative at the moment) then the end result for the checkpoint is  
"Cannot Tell", although it notes the things it has discovered (for example  
that there are images but no applets, movies, audio, ...) in an earl  

(At the moment we don't identify the results of the sub-tests - that's the  
next bit of work. We might have to find some more money for that).

Anything listed as cannot tell is listed as requiring manual testing (at  
least for the part that the tool couldn't do on its own).

If anyone wants to try the beta version it is now generally available at but only in Spanish (we haven't set up the  
translation system with it yet - that's currently about the last step out  
of beta).



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