Re: RDF Structure (was Extension property: "using")

OK. I'm starting to get it - finally. Using RDF buys you a lot but at the 
expense of XML interoperability.

I'm still doing all my processing using XML so I'm going to need a schema 
that says what elements go where. The impact is that my tool will generate 
proper EARL that can be processed by RDF aware tools but the EARL may not be 
readable by tools that process EARL as XML (unless they use the same 

I hear Charles' concerns regarding the treatment of RDF as simply XML but 
we're going to need this interim solution until more RDF processing tools 
are available. I'd like to try as much as possible to ensure we don't 
destroy the semantic interoperability of the generated EARL when using the 
XML schema.

I think there are others who want to use EARL but haven't moved up to proper 
RDF processing tools and can benefit from an XML schema.

Is there anyone that has a schema they're using for EARL?


Received on Thursday, 14 April 2005 08:54:04 UTC