Re: Adding more information about TestSubject

> With HTTP, the content of a resource is not defined with a URL but may 
> vary not only over time, but also with Accept* headers, cookies or POST 
> parameters. Would it be better to include this information as properties 
> of TestSubject? Should there be a way to include the content that was 
> actually tested in the EARL report?
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I think there's nothing wrong with storing this sort of information in the 
EARL report but it still won't fix the problem of the report getting out of 
sync with the content. The content of a resource, even specified with 
exactly the same GET or POST properties, can change over time. The only sure 
way to make sure the report and content stay in sync is to store a copy of 
the content that was evaluated.

Perhaps we could put in an EARL property for storing a URI to a copy of the 
document that was evaluated. Accessibility checkers could store a copy of 
each page they evaluate and then include the URI of that page in the report.

We could also provide a provision for EARL to actually store a copy of the 
page within the report. This might not be such a good idea because all the 
included items like images could not be stored within the EARL report.


Received on Monday, 11 April 2005 07:11:00 UTC