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On Mon, 04 Apr 2005 21:14:54 +1000, Shadi Abou-Zahra <shadi@w3.org> wrote:

> The idea is not to create a new logo but rather to provide a mechanism
> to supplement the logo with an EARL report of what has been tested.
> Browsers or search engines could then also process this information.
> Of course, like the logos, these EARL reports may be outdated, over
> claimed, or simply false...
> We would need to work out a bunch of details of how to bind EARL reports
> to the Web pages but that shouldn't be too difficult (we can pick out a
> few ideas from RSS for example).
> What do people think of the overall idea?

Makes sense to me. I don't see the value in replacing an old and known  
label with a new unknown one - the drawback of fragmentation occurs  
because the logos are different. Backing the logo with an EARL claim (or  
not) is invisible from the perspective of someone looking at it.

If some of the old logos have EARL claims associated, and people are more  
inclined to trust them than others, then there is pressure to put an EARL  
claim behind all of them. As Shadi notes, there is no a priori guarantee  
that the EARL claims will be more accurate than the original logo usage,  
but I (we?) believe that this will be the tendency.

In terms of linking pages to reports there are a number of things that can  
be done. I'll talk about that in a seperate message...


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