Re: ERT Action Item: Use Case Scenarios for EARL

Hi Carlos,

> A - Just a claim that says "This page is accesible for people with
> cognitive disabilities".
> B - Detailed info about the WCAG checkpoints the page conforms.
> IMO the answer is A. Do you think that most of the people with
> disabilities know the WCAG?

What about if browsers would support the user preferences such as "do
not display pages with flickering content" or "use high contrast style
sheets for pages with low color contrast"?

That means that the EARL reports and WCAG checkpoints (or even tests)
are not directly visible to the end-users. Wendy made the analogy to RSS
which is a transparent, machine-readable technology.

Of course, we are a long way away from this but maybe EARL could provide
a mechanism to realize such things. It will then be easier for the
browser developers to implement these features.


Received on Monday, 4 April 2005 16:53:17 UTC