Re: Regrets and some comments (Re: TSD TF: Agenda for teleconference on Tuesday 25 September 2007)

Hi Shadi, All,

At 20:47 24/09/2007, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>>1. Reviewing test samples for current working draft:
>>    - test samples ready for review: see reviewers 03 through 10 at
>I remember there was a bug that needed to be fixed before reviewing 
>them, can you confirm that these samples are indeed ready for review?
>>    - 6 test cases still need to be fixed (technique mapping).
>Ah, I guess that answers my question ...but, which are these 6? 
>Also, I don't understand what "update XY" in the Structure Review column means.

Only those where the structure review column says "(technique 
mapping)" still need to be fixed. Reinhard used the ISO Schematron 
while fixing the test samples.

"update xy" is just a way of creating batches for BenToWeb people to 
update old test samples (i.e. test samples that still map to the 
previous draft). These updats will happen when we updated the 
corresponding test samples in the BenToWeb test suite.

>>    - Michael has found WCAG WG participants who indicated some 
>> interest in being involved.
>If the group agrees, I will take the action item to contact them and 
>provide them the necessary background information.

No objections from me ;-)

>>    - Additional tools to facilitate review etc (e.g. HTML view of 
>> the matadata)?
>Hmmm, I'm curious. Any support would be helpful...

I can work on an XSLT that transforms the metadata into XHTML, but 
not before the second half of October.

>>2. Revisit naming convention for more stable URLs?
>I'd say would have been good but too late to change now, unless it 
>is *really* simple to do (like automatically or so).

Based on my experience with migrating test suites in BenToWeb, I 
wouldn't say it is *really* simple. Writing a script to automate this 
is a very meticulous job.

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