Regrets and some comments (Re: TSD TF: Agenda for teleconference on Tuesday 25 September 2007)

Sorry, I'm traveling -please find some comments below:

Christophe Strobbe wrote:
> Next on the scribe rotation list is: Shadi

Apologies but next time is on me.

> 1. Reviewing test samples for current working draft:
>    - test samples ready for review: see reviewers 03 through 10 at

I remember there was a bug that needed to be fixed before reviewing 
them, can you confirm that these samples are indeed ready for review?

>    - 6 test cases still need to be fixed (technique mapping).

Ah, I guess that answers my question ...but, which are these 6? Also, I 
don't understand what "update XY" in the Structure Review column means.

>    - Michael has found WCAG WG participants who indicated some interest 
> in being involved.

If the group agrees, I will take the action item to contact them and 
provide them the necessary background information.

>    - Additional tools to facilitate review etc (e.g. HTML view of the 
> matadata)?

Hmmm, I'm curious. Any support would be helpful...

> 2. Revisit naming convention for more stable URLs?

I'd say would have been good but too late to change now, unless it is 
*really* simple to do (like automatically or so).


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