MWI test case submission & management

Dear all,

As you may know from previous discussions, the MWI folks are in the 
process of developing a simple test case submission and management 
system that is adapted to their specific requirements. However, since 
this work is still at a very early stage of development, they are happy 
to receive our comments and suggestions. They may incorporate some of 
these suggestions and in turn we may eventually be able to reuse this 
system to manage our test samples. Please find below the forms of this 
system for review:

Test Case Submission Form:
# <>
- this form is fairly stable for MWI requirements and is currently going 
through the review and approval stage
- note the "License Grant" section which is an important aspect of any 
test case submission
- also note the way the metadata is collected through various fields, is 
this suitable for our needs too?

Test Case Review Form:
# <>
- this form is still at a very early stage and only shows the contents 
of the database in a very simple table
- note the analogy of this table to the tables in our Wiki. What fields 
and/or functionality is missing?
- Are there any specific suggestions that will help automate our review 
process and workflow?


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