Re: sc2.5.1_l1_002 step 3: Content Review

Hi Christophe,

cstrobbe wrote:
> Quoting Shadi Abou-Zahra <>:
>> Carlos Iglesias wrote:
>>> * the test sample and the test procedure are an unambiuous unit; ??
>>> I suppose so :o)
>> Does the test sample interpret or change the meaning of the 
>> test procedure? Tim already identified this imprecise wording 
>> and I have an action item to refine it.
> I'm not sure I understand how a test sample can interpret or change the 
> meaning of the test procedure.

For example, a test sample claims that Success Criterion 1.1.1 failed 
because the text of the ALT attribute is longer than X characters; and 
this limit is not specified by any technique or test procedure. This 
would be an interpretation (or extension) of the Guidelines and would 
effectively change its meaning. We want to avoid these types of issues.


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