ACTION: Locations for the test samples

Hi everybody,

As per my action item from the last teleconference [1] here are some thoughts about the locations consistence.

As you can see, in example sc2.5.1_l1_003 the locations refer to the server-side language (JSP in this case) not to the interpreted content (what an user agent gets).

In our example we have the following code at the beginning of the document:

<%@page contentType="text/html"%>
<% if ((request.getMethod()=="POST") && (request.getParameter("e1")!=null)) {

In this case, if you use the server-side language as the reference, the first content line will be 4 (starting from 0), but if you take into consideration the interpreted content, then the first line will be 0.

This is obviously a problem that increases when you use server-side languages in an extensive way, and raises the following question: Should the location pointers refer to the source language or to the interpreted content?

IMO the locations should at least refer to the interpreted content, because it's the content all user agents get (most E&R tools included), and it's the only thing you have when you can't access to the files at the server.

So, I think the only feasible options we have are:

A - Use locations only for the interpreted content.
B - Use both locations, for the original code and the interpreted code at the same time.

I'm more in favour of A, because I think it's all we need for this TF and is simpler (option B may require additional changes to the metadata language)

What do you think?

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