Re: sc2.5.1_l1_003 step 2: Structure review

Hi All,

Another follow-up to this review.

At 10:28 18/12/2006, Carlos Iglesias wrote:
>As per my action item from the last teleconference here we have the 
>structure review (step 2) of the third test sample with some comments
>* contact information of the submitter is available; (see comments 
>to the previous test sample)
>* all necessary files are committed and available;
>The metadata file is not well-formed

I have fixed this.

>The test sample content is not functional (not being interpreted at 
>the server)

In the JSP code, there is also a reference to a file called 
"processformdummy.html", which is not available and which does not 
follow our file name convention.

>* all necessary files follow the naming conventions; (see comments 
>to the previous test sample)

See my previous comment about "processformdummy.html".

>The test sample content includes copyright information that is 
>different from the metadata copyright information

This has been removed; see Vangelis' mail.

>Apparently the locations refer to the server-side language not to 
>the generated content. Is this what we expect?

This will be discussed in a separate thread.

>Initial content review can't be done since the example is not functional

That requires JSP support at the W3C website.

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