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>Subject: Re: Wiki: proposals for templates and index page available 
>for   review
>Thanks for all your good work.   I have the following initial comments:
>If a test sample can undergo several structure reviews, does this mean 
>that one person will do multiple reviews at different times (maybe implied 
>since there is a "Reviewer" assigned), or different people will do 
>different reviews?  If the latter, how do  we know who does which review?
>For structure review, should there be a column for additional 
>comments?  Also should there be definitions of "committed",
>"available", "valid", etc. for a reviewer to consult?   Should there be a 
>link to "the naming conventions", "the correct format", and "the correct 
>syntax" for the reviewer to consult?   Why is the "unintentional" in there 
>for "broken links"?  What exactly are "other values" and "other texts" 
>(maybe some examples)?  What does it mean for locations to be "referenced 
>correctly" and to be "consistent with each other"?
>If defects are found in the structure review, how are those corrected?  Is 
>the submitter notified?
>That's it so far.. will move on to "content review"..
>Thanks and best wishes
>Tim Boland NIST
>At 03:55 PM 2/6/2007 +0100, you wrote:
>>Vangelis and I had action items to create proposals for the review 
>>information (and other metadata not stored in TCDL) and an index page.
>>There are two approaches available for review:
>>* Vangelis created one template for the structure review [1], and one for 
>>the content review [2];
>>* I have also created a template for a page that would combine info from 
>>structure and content reviews with info on the contributor or source of 
>>the test sample, task force straw poll comments (if we decide to work 
>>with straw polls) and WCAG WG decisions/comments [3]. There would be one 
>>such page per test sample (the ID of the test sample would match the 
>>title of the page), which would enable us to see at a glance what has 
>>been done for a specific test sample.
>>I have also created a proposal for an index page [4]. This currently 
>>contains an empty table with columns for test sample ID (with link to web 
>>version of the TCDL metadata), a link to the test sample's wiki page (see 
>>above), the name of the reviewer to whom the test sample is assigned, and 
>>it's status. (It would be even nicer if such a table could be generated 
>>automatically from our other data ...)
>>Links to these proposals can be found on the front page of our Wiki at 
>>Please send comments to the list by next Monday.
>>Best regards,
>>[1] http://www.w3.org/2006/tsdtf/TestSampleStructureReviewTemplate
>>[2] http://www.w3.org/2006/tsdtf/TestSampleContentReviewTemplate
>>[3] http://www.w3.org/2006/tsdtf/TestSampleOverviewTemplate
>>[4] http://www.w3.org/2006/tsdtf/TestSampleStatusList
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