Wiki: proposals for templates and index page available for review


Vangelis and I had action items to create proposals for the review 
information (and other metadata not stored in TCDL) and an index page.
There are two approaches available for review:
* Vangelis created one template for the structure review [1], and one 
for the content review [2];
* I have also created a template for a page that would combine info 
from structure and content reviews with info on the contributor or 
source of the test sample, task force straw poll comments (if we 
decide to work with straw polls) and WCAG WG decisions/comments [3]. 
There would be one such page per test sample (the ID of the test 
sample would match the title of the page), which would enable us to 
see at a glance what has been done for a specific test sample.

I have also created a proposal for an index page [4]. This currently 
contains an empty table with columns for test sample ID (with link to 
web version of the TCDL metadata), a link to the test sample's wiki 
page (see above), the name of the reviewer to whom the test sample is 
assigned, and it's status. (It would be even nicer if such a table 
could be generated automatically from our other data ...)

Links to these proposals can be found on the front page of our Wiki 

Please send comments to the list by next Monday.

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Christophe Strobbe
K.U.Leuven - Departement of Electrical Engineering - Research Group 
on Document Architectures
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 - 3001 Leuven-Heverlee - BELGIUM
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Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2007 14:55:58 UTC