Re: Summary on location pointers (now with the actual summary)


Christophe Strobbe wrote:
> Regarding Shadi's point about the type of location pointers depending on 
> the test procedure: some procedures for script-based content are purely 
> based on the generated code ("On a Web unit that uses scripts to enforce 
> a time limit, wait until the time-out has expired.")

We should not assume that we can *always* provide [sensible] pointers. 
The way this test procedure is stated, I would argue that there is no 
specific error location to point to. Its a behavioral issue.

> If the above solution for server-side code (expertGuidance / HTTP in 
> RDF) is sufficient, then pointers into generated code may be all we 
> neeed for most cases, except where we have time limits and issues with 
> HTTP headers. Any other thoughts?

In the latter cases, we simply provide no pointers if there are none.


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