RE: clarifying the confusion? (was Re: TCDL Draft F)


Hi group,

> It occurred to me that a possible source of confusion is the 
> expectation of the outcome of this work. For example, the 
> abstract of the document reads:
> "Test Case Description Language (TCDL) is an XML vocabulary 
> for describing test files and evaluation scenarios for such 
> test files, intended to be included in test suites for user 
> interface guidelines such as Web Content Accessibility 
> Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0."
> >From "Test Case Description Language 2.0" (TCDL Draft F) located at:
> <
> Sep/att-0019/BenToWeb_TCDL_W3C_Submission_DraftF.html>
> However, actually we are not defining a spec here! The aim is 
> to select parts of TCDL (published by the BenToWeb Project) 
> and describe how we will use them in this Task Force. Our aim 
> is not to reinvent or change TCDL but to stay *fully* 
> compatible with it (that means adhere to the restrictions set 
> out by TCDL).
> Therefore, the title of the document should read something 
> like "Metadata Used by the Task Force" and the abstract 
> should reference TCDL on the BenToWeb site, clearly 
> indicating which elements and attributes we are reusing (and 
> how we are using them).
> Are we all on the same page?

I share Shadi's concerns and I think this is a key question.



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