Call for Implementations: Digital Publishing Accessibility Candidate Recommendation

Dear WAI Interest Group,

W3C WAI invites implementations of the Candidate Recommendations snapshots:
* Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA Module 1.1 (DPUB-ARIA)
* Digital Publishing Accessibility API Mappings 1.1 (DPUB-AAM)

Overview: DPUB-ARIA defines a set of WAI-ARIA roles to help assistive technology users navigate through structural divisions in documents, for example, in ebooks. DPUB-AAM specifies how accessibility application programming interfaces (APIs) should map these roles.

Changes: Changes from DPUB 1.0 include the addition of doc-pageheader and doc-pagefooter roles. Additional changes are in:
      DPUB-ARIA changelog <>
      DPUB-AAM changelog <>

Candidate Recommendation: The main purpose of Candidate Recommendation is to ensure that the standard can be implemented. More about Candidate Recommendation and the process for completing standards is in:
 How WAI Develops Accessibility Standards through the W3C Process

Implementations and Comments: To provide information about implementations or to comment, please open a new issue in the DPUB-ARIA GitHub repository:
Create separate GitHub issues for each topic, rather than commenting on multiple topics in a single issue.

If it's not feasible for you to use GitHub, send comments in e-mail to: <> Please put your comments in the body of the message, not as an attachment; and start your e-mail subject line with: [DPUB ARIA 1.1 CR]

Please send implementations and any comments by 27 April 2024.

James Nurthen and Valerie Young, ARIA Working Group Co-Chairs
Daniel Montalvo, W3C Staff Contact for ARIA Working Group

Shawn Lawton Henry
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Program Lead
W3C Accessibility Education and Communications Lead

Received on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 20:30:50 UTC