Updated resource: Curricula on Web Accessibility - Content Author Modules

Dear WAI Interest Group (IG),

WAI has updated the Curricula on Web Accessibility with new content author modules at:

The new content author modules are primarily for teaching writers, editors, content creators, and content publishers.

The Curricula resource provides a framework for:
 * creating courses on digital accessibility
 * including accessibility in other courses
 * reviewing and comparing existing and proposed courses

The new modules complete the set of four:
 * Foundation Modules
 * Developer Modules
 * Designer Modules
 * Content Author Modules

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Here's a tweet you can use to share news about the updated Curricula: <https://twitter.com/w3c_wai/status/1575520654228692992>

Daniel Montalvo, WAI Curricula Task Force Facilitator
Brent Bakken and Kris Anne Kinney, Accessibility Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) Co-Chairs
Shawn Lawton Henry, W3C Accessibility Education and Outreach Coordinator, and Staff Contact for EOWG


Received on Thursday, 29 September 2022 16:21:33 UTC