Introduction to Web Accessibility -- Free Online Course

Dear WAI Interest Group,

A new online course has started and is available through April 2020:
      Introduction to Web Accessibility

This course gives you a strong foundation in digital accessibility to help you make websites and apps work better for people with disabilities, meet international standards, and provide a better user experience for everyone. In addition to offering an introduction for people who are new to accessibility, this course helps people who already know about accessibility get additional perspectives.

The course is designed *for technical and non-technical* audiences.

Learn more about the course in the blog post:
      Free Online Course “Introduction to Web Accessibility”

That *updated blog post provides additional information on* the:
* free Audit option (available for 4 weeks from when you enroll)
* Verified Certificate option, including dates when it is available

edX info: For updated information on verification options and accessibility of the Verified Certificate process, see: edX Help Center Accessibility pages <>. For a form and e-mail address to contact edX about accessibility, see: edX Website Accessibility Policy <>.

If we have additional information, we will add it to the W3C blog post:
      Free Online Course “Introduction to Web Accessibility”

*We encourage you to tell others about the course and share the link to the blog post*.
Here's a tweet you can use:

Shawn Lawton Henry, WAI Outreach Coordinator
Shadi Abou-Zahra, Course Coordinator


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