New Resource: The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

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The W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) today published a new resource that describes the rationale for organizations to address accessibility:

 The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

The resource includes direct and indirect benefits of accessibility, and the risks of not addressing accessibility adequately. It describes that accessibility can:
 * Drive Innovation
 * Enhance Your Brand
 * Extend Market Reach
 * Minimize Legal Risk
It provides case studies and examples that demonstrate how continued investment in accessibility is good for your organization.

EOWG welcomes other case studies, see
Comments are also welcome via GitHub or e-mail. These are linked near the bottom of the page under "Help improve this page".

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Sharron Rush, EOWG Co-Chair
Brent Bakken, EOWG Co-Chair
Shawn Henry, W3C Team Contact for EOWG


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