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RE: input for todays meeting

From: Suzette Keith <S.Keith@mdx.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 11:29:21 +0000
To: public-wai-age@w3.org
Message-id: <45272C367897174E94DEE1D40C5F0CA70881C7F3@MDX-CLX-DC1.uni.mdx.ac.uk>
Hi WAI-Age partners

I can't make the meeting today but here are my comments on the
'complaints'. Overall it is looking better.
My experience of complaining using the feedback box is an answer from a
machine that ignores my question or tells me it is my fault. I often use
enlarged text and enlarged dpi settings, and unlike Michael still find
that some sites 'break' eg the text in tabs, forms and boxes escapes out
of the graphic image.
Therefore: I believe that the subsequent rounds of escalation is
particularly important - (1) writing to the managing director  (2)
getting an interested body involved - in the UK that would be one of our
charities like RNIB (for blind and visually impaired people) or what was
the Disability rights commission and is now Equality and Human Rights
Commission (since 1 October 2007).(3)Taking legal action - probably with
the support of the charity or commission.
In the UK the reported strategy seems to be half-way between (2) and (3)
where the web provider agrees to work with the charity to redesign the
site and make it better.
Could we capture something of this 3-4 step process?

Re the sample letters: I find the one that starts ...lousy website....is
a rude and offensive opening. I notice this is how people seem to talk
to each other in forums - and usually these deteriorate further into an
abusive argument. At risk of showing my age I believe written
communication should as polite and clear as possible - in my humble
opinion -  it is an example of a 'bad option' suitable only for teenager
to teenager or geek to geek communication.
I hope this helps, catch you next time
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