Agenda: W3C Process CG Telecon 25 October 2022

Dial-in etc:
This meeting is at 7am Los Angeles, Wednesday 9 November 2022.

=== Pull Requests to Review ===

Legal Entity Transition:

AB-BoD Liaison Appointment
The Governance TF composed the Board with two AB liaisons, so this PR sets up 
the appointment mechanism. (The Board will need to take some action to enable 
this on their end, but at least we can formalize it on ours.)

=== Issues to Discuss ===

Closing Groups: Should anyone other than the Team be allowed to propose 
closing a group to the AC?

=== Proposed to Close ===

Limit the scope of FO Council deliberations
The Council was explicitly constituted as an escalation path for decisions 
without consensus, as FOs have been historically, not as a judge of process 
violations, so I believe we should be closing this under delegation from the AB?

Proposal for a Directorate
We went with Council and various other things instead, seems we should close 
this issue.

=== On Hold ===

Not for the agenda, but so we don't forget!

Awaiting PRs:
In case anyone wants to help out the editors...

Awaiting PSIG: and


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