Re: CFC: Process 2021, sending to the AB/W3M with a request to send to the AC

Reminder to everyone that we're planning on closing out the last few edits on 
P2021 and resolving to send it over to the AB this Wednesday! As a refresher:

Here is the Process 2021 draft:

And the list of changes since Process 2020:

For reference, here is Process 2020:

And here's the diff between the two:

There are four pull requests still open:

1. Allowing the Team to make editorial changes to orphaned Notes

2. Moving text about 45-day grace period for attending meetings
    from Patent Policy FAQ into Process document.

3. Improve wording wrt normative requirements on registry values

4. This is our major editorial reorganization of the entire document; we have 
not merged this in yet, because it will make the diffs (above) ununusable.
(We will prepare custom diffs for the AC once these changes are folded in.)


On 5/13/21 9:17 AM, David Singer wrote:
> Dear Process experts
> at the meeting yesterday we identified the few remaining questions we will be working on to finish our work on Process2021. They are labeled in Github:
> <>
> ...
> I expect to make decisions on these few remaining questions, and make the formal consensus decision to send to the AB/W3M for them to send to the AB, at the next meeting on 26th May. If you have comments on this proposed consensus, any of those questions, or feel that something else should be addressed, please either respond to this email, attend the meeting, or comment in the issues in Github. Specifically, if you object to sending this document to AB/W#M and on to the AC, potentially with these four questions addressed, we need to hear your reasoned objection to the proposed consensus either here, in email, or in the upcoming meeting.

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