Re: DRAFT Agenda (Homework needed!!) for the Process Call 12 May 2021 7am Pacific Time

On 5/10/2021 5:47 PM, David Singer wrote:
> 3.2) Editor report: what’s holding us back from sending to the AB so they can send it to the team and the AC?

Before we send this to the AB for review, I recommend two steps first.

1. The Editors provide a customized diff, so the Process CG can have a 
CfC about P2021.

Here is what I mean by a customized diff.  Due to the reorganized 
structure, I suspect that an ordinary diff which simply show that 
everything changed and would be unusable.  A customized diff would be an 
actual diff for those sections where the content actually changed.  But 
for those sections that merely moved large blocks of text from one 
section number heading to another, the customized diff only shows that 
the section numbers changed, rather than showing that the text changed.

2. We conduct a CfC in the Process CG.

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