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Updates in place

From: Florian Rivoal <florian@rivoal.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 17:45:44 +0900
Message-Id: <A8E48E53-4D55-464B-9837-8B2B3F42E551@rivoal.net>
To: W3C Process CG <public-w3process@w3.org>
Hi all,

I believe I've done all the edits to the Process for which we had resolutions. You can view the result at


If you think I missed something, let me know.

I've also quickly gone through open issues, and Agenda+ed a few that I think have been resolved or are no longer relevant due to the changes we've made recently, in the hope that we can confirm and close.

As we said during the last conf call, we're probably nearing completion on this cycle. While there are many more things that we could potentially do, it seems that the main things we were trying to land have landed, and so this is a good time to look for loose threads that need tying up, and checking the general state of the Process.

Note that the Changes section is not yet complete (and neither is the DoC). I'll try to do that soon.

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