Re: Agenda for the Process Call Wednesday 29th January 7am PDT

On 1/28/2020 8:38 PM, David Singer wrote:
>> I think you're missing the one major issue we need to discuss, and were scheduled to discuss, which is Registries.
> No, I didn’t forget it. All the explanation material you link is very welcome, but quite voluminous, and I for one have not had time to do more than skim it and realize it’s going to take a detailed read and careful response. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible up until now; but my MPEG, 3GPP and Unicode meetings finished yesterday and now I am back on the W3C track, and it’s high on my list.
> If others have questions/comments, we can of course discuss them (though feedback in the issues/wikis/etc. would be best).

David, it sounds like your plan is to work with F&F on the explanation 
work over the next two weeks and try to reach a consensus.  I think 
that's terrific.

The other productive thing we can do is to discuss what we will do if 
you don't reach consensus at this stage.  My proposal would be to drop 
Registries from P2020 so we don't block everything else, and go back to 
Registries as part of P2021.  I'd like to know if the CG agrees.


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